Blooms Series
Skin Deep 1, oil on canvas, 40in x 40in, 2013
Skin Deep Series
Feathers, oil on marble, twelve panels, 12x12 each, 2013
Spiral Series
Entanglement series
Entanglement Series
Accumulations series - Paperbacks, oil on canvas
Accumulation Series
Suit, oil on canvas
Crowds Series
Nests series - Hair, oil on board
Nests Series
Arrangements series - Blush
Arrangement Series
Reservoirs - Henshaw, oil on canvas
Reservoir Series
Nothing Is the Same series
Nothing Is the Same Series
Trees Series
Trees Series
Tree Lines Installation
Tree Lines Installation, oil on canvas, 144in x 258in, 2001
Mixed Media
Mixed Media

Current News and Exhibitions

September 23, 2017-  November 10, 2017
El Otro Lado” 
Centro Estalal de las Artes, CEART, Tijuana, Mexico
August, 2018