Piedmont Tree Installation

Piedmont Tree Installation, oil on canvas, 25 panels, each panel 20″x20″, 2008

About the Project

Beardon/Josey Center for Breast Health
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Oil on canvas, 25 panels, each panel 20”x20”, overall dimensions 116”(h) x 212” (w)

The Piedmont Tree depicts branches and trunks of trees located throughout the northwest area of South Carolina and features familiar landmarks and sites. The artwork pays tribute to The Piedmont region which is a physiographic province of the larger Appalachian division. Highest in elevation is the Blue Ridge Region, containing an escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Cherokee Parkway is a scenic driving route through this area where Table Rock State Park and Caesars Head State Park are located.

Birds that are indigenous to this area can be found in fourteen of the paintings and they allude to the ongoing camouflaged activity of life. When combined together, the paintings form one large image of a tree as a unified depiction of the distinct and unique qualities of this exquisite landscape.

Piedmont Tree Gallery


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