Review in Pacific San Diego Magazine

Article: "RE: Creation"
A museum curator and local artists discuss work that impresses them — easier said than drawn....The results paint a picture of contemporary art in San Diego, seen through the eyes of those who help make the local scene a thing to behold.
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Review in Art Ltd, 2012

Crossing to Safety, oil on canvas, 84x35, 2010

Crossing to Safety, oil on canvas, 84x35, 2010

Article: Art Ltd – March/April 2012 edition
Gail Roberts is a representational painter of great skill and subtlety who employs her considerably [sic] facility with the brush to probe the limits and boundaries of painting’s traditional genres....Roberts uses two seemingly un-related objects—birds’ nests and books—to convey a playful, slightly dark sense of wonder at the interpenetration of nature and culture in the urban parts of southern California....
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Interview: "All the Pretty Nests: Q&A With Gail Roberts"

Gail Roberts with paintings

Gail Roberts in her Mount Helix studio with paintings from a recent series.

from: San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles - April 2011, p.104
Responding viscerally to her surroundings, painter Gail Roberts creates works of art that depict the world in detailed, unsentimental beauty. Often working in series — highlighting everything from landscapes to people in mid cell-phone conversation — her art has been exhibited around the country and internationally and is part of the permanent collection of, among others, the San Diego Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and the Oakland Museum of California....
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Public Art Collection: San Diego County Operations Center

Orchids and Onions logo

Orchids and Onions, an educational and fundraising program of the San Diego Architectural Foundation

This 11/08/2012 Orchids and Onions nomination outlines the overview, selections process, and artists/artwork publicly commissioned for the San Diego County Operations Center:


Project Owner/ Developer: County of San Diego


As an integral part of the newly-built County Operations Center (COC) in Kearny Mesa, the County of San Diego has commissioned and purchased a collection of 22 works of art.... Two-dimensional works by Gail Roberts...were purchased for the Medical Examiner & Forensic Center....

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SD ART PRIZE: Recognition of Excellence in the Visual Arts

Paperbacks, oil on canvas, 65"x84"

Paperbacks, oil on canvas, 65"x84"

From the San Diego Visual Arts Network site:

Award Recipients for 2010

Gail Roberts with emerging artist David Adey Current artworks by Gail Roberts are trail-markers for our times.... In the series Accumulations, Roberts has documented her own collection of patterns or trailmarkers, a word originating in Europe.... The paintings continue to be a vehicle for inquiry and commentary regarding her reflections on nature, culture and our temporal existence.
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Press Release for 'Entanglement' Exhibition

gallery view

'Entanglement' exhibition, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles gallery, 2011

From Luis De Jesus Los Angeles....


GAIL ROBERTS Entanglement APRIL 16 – MAY 28, 2011 Artist Reception: Saturday, April 16, 5-8 PM Luis De Jesus is very pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by GAIL ROBERTS, titled "Entanglement", on view from April 16 through May 28, 2011.... In Gail Roberts’s new paintings, images of birds’ nests are paired with books, titles and passages of text, creating a vehicle for inquiry and commentary into the artist’s reflections on nature, culture, and man’s temporal existence....
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Press Release for 'Accumulation' Exhibition

gallery interior view of paintings

'Accumulation' exhibition, Luis De Jesus Seminal Projects, 2008

From Luis De Jesus Seminal Projects....


CHRIS BARNARD: No Exit GAIL ROBERTS: Accumulation SEPTEMBER 6 – OCTOBER 11, 2008 Luis De Jesus Seminal Projects is pleased to announce two concurrent exhibitions: CHRIS BARNARD: No Exit and GAIL ROBERTS: Accumulations, opening September 6, 2008 and continuing through October 11, 2008.... For her Seminal Projects debut, esteemed San Diego artist Gail Roberts will present a new series of paintings titled Accumulations. In Accumulations, Roberts juxtaposes the natural and the man–made....
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The Valise Project

detail view

The Naturalist

From the Lux Art Institute:

Program Overview

Lux created The Valise Project in 2000 as a way to reintroduce art into the classroom. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp, who carried miniatures of his work inside a suitcase, Lux commissions portable works of art that double as powerful interdisciplinary teaching tools. The valises travel to hundreds of classrooms around San Diego County each year, giving students a rare up-close and hands-on experience with museum-quality art.
View Gail Roberts' Valise Project work, The Naturalist.  

Press Release for 'Tree Lines' Public Commision

Gail Roberts in front of 'Tree Lines' paintings

Gail Roberts in front of 'Tree Lines' paintings, Terminal 2 at Lindbergh Field in San Diego, CA.

from the Unified Port of San Diego:
Friday, 13 June 2008 Artist: Gail Roberts - Valley Center, California Location: Terminal 2, 2nd Floor. San Diego International Airport International Gates ticketing area. Gail Roberts' "Tree Lines" is one of two* major art works that have been commissioned to enhance the International Gates in Terminal 2 at Lindbergh Field. The piece is a multi-panel display of oil-on-canvas and mixed media....
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